Sustainability: our biggest advantage.

We don’t just take sustainability seriously, we take it literally. Our modules continue to deliver what we promise you long after their construction. And not just at their first locations. While 70 % of our construction projects are still being used for their initial purpose today, the other 30 % have been incorporated into new projects, either in their entirety or in parts. Modular up-cycling, so to speak. And if the life cycle of a module should come to an end one day, 100 % of its construction materials can be reused.

Our through-and-through sustainable modular construction approach gives us an additional advantage: flexibility. Every building can be expanded, relocated, dismantled, or have storeys added to it – and all this in record time. Because sustainability also implies efficiency: from the planning stage to final construction, all of the trades involved work with us hand-in-hand, and under one roof. The local environment also benefits from this prefabrication approach. We reduce the volume of packaging materials and emissions at the construction site and have 80 % less construction site traffic than conventional construction sites. The result? Fewer environmental risks, an all-round improvement in the environmental balance, and a self-sustaining passive housing standard as exemplified by our clinic construction in Kirkenes, Norway. No problem.

Our notion of sustainability involves considering today what the construction of tomorrow needs: maximum efficiency, achieved through recyclability and ease of dismantling, with no reductions in quality or planning certainty.

In short: We are faster. We are more efficient. We are more sustainable. And you can take us at our word.