New construction on the hospital as a passive house north of the Arctic Circle.

Nye Kirkenes sykehus.

Temperature, weather, lighting conditions. Challenges wherever you look, and here we are in the middle of it all. The hospital project in the Arctic Circle was tailor-made for Cadolto Modular Construction. We are in our element when we build under difficult conditions. We use smart, simple solutions that are at the cutting edge of technology, efficient and above all ready for use. Our “made in Germany” design and quality impressed the customer. Since autumn of 2015, about 300 modules have made the 3,000-kilometre journey into the Kirkenes hospital in Norway. Here, on 16,300 m² of polar soil, a local hospital was built by September 2016 using a completely modular construction technique. Fully equipped with an A&E facility, operating and delivery rooms, radiology laboratories and 54 beds, as well as a surgical, medical and psychiatric outpatient departments. Naturally, everything meets the standards of passive housing, which has very high requirements for thermal insulation and heat recovery.

We approached the project flexibly even during preparation, and that it typical of us and our construction technique. After all, the client’s original design for the hospital was not modular. That is why we adapted the modules to the conventionally designed floor plan in such a way that we could already prefabricate complete rooms in our factory in Cadolzburg. The modules, up to 6.0 m in width, can then be quickly and easily mounted on top of the basement in Kirkenes, which was built previously in the conventional manner. That saves a great deal of time, which is particularly important when the winter is long and the construction phases are short. All so that, by September 2016, we could say: Development continues in the Arctic circle – new hospital building complete.