Clean rooms and laboratory buildings

Every day, researchers have one foot in the future.

But in Cadolto modules they have both.

If you want to shape the future, you have to be quick and flexible, rethink things constantly, and leave no stone unturned. We are on the same page with researchers in that regard. That is why we offer them a building to suit: with clean rooms and laboratory buildings in Cadolto modular construction.

The custom-made modules are always in step with the times: always flexible, always freshly combinable, always forward-looking.

Our industrial prefabrication process makes freestanding laboratory buildings possible in unlimited widths and in depths of up to 12 metres. As long-lasting as conventional construction, but considerably more mobile. The modules can be changed flexibly later as well and can be completely relocated in no time. They are fast, efficient and economical. And if you wish, they are available for simple rentals or with custom financing solutions.

In short, they are typical Cadolto.


Biological laboratories meet the highest standards – from BSL 1 to BSL 4. We accomplish this with tailored and automated ventilation systems and appropriate surface materials.

In the case of chemical laboratories, surfaces are subject to particular requirements for chemical resistance. Turnkey laboratory modules from Cadolto meet these requirements.

In physical/analytical laboratories, the intelligent and effectively controlled air conditioning technology is designed for an air change rate of eight times per hour.

Cadolto assembles radioisotope laboratories in line with DIN 25425 and DIN 25422 for all radiation protection categories from S0 to S4. The focus here is on special requirements for radiation protection that are met with lead foils or lead plates.

Clean rooms (GMP)

Cadolto offers modules that meet GMP standards up to class A for use in biotechnology, stem cell research and pharmaceutical production. Higher levels of cleanliness are achieved with filter fan units or laminar flow ceiling systems and are separated according to level with air locks and access control, which include monitoring. Cadolto manufactures modules for clean room production facilities, semiconductor technology and micromechanics in line with ISO 14644, classes ISO 9 to 4. The technical specifications are for the most part identical to those of the GMP class. One special focus here is on reducing and preventing particles.

Laboratory concepts

Cadolto modular laboratory concepts offer you a flexible basis that we customise further according to your wishes, seamlessly making your ideas a reality no matter what the circumstances. The modular structure grid width of 3,600 mm corresponds to current installation conditions and the recommendations of German Social Accident Insurance Institution for the Raw Materials and Chemical Industry (BG RCI) and of DIN EN 14056.


  • Flexibility: use-specific alterations or relocation of complex buildings
  • Freedom of design: laboratories of every shape can be adapted to your requirements
  • High-quality prefabrication in factory: individual, tailored designed
  • Reliability: a construction process safe from the weather, on schedule and on budget
  • Sustainability certification (DGNB): easier and better classifications than with traditional construction techniques

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Example concepts

Laboratories with integrated analysis workstations

Two joined sections with five laboratory modules and traditional layout: laboratory – corridor – laboratory.

The following applies for this and all other configurations: The lab types allow for construction of a modifiable building with up to six floors. We recommend the arrangement of central supply and disposal shafts forming a vertical access concept to provide each building with maximum flexibility. Remote shafts in each laboratory wing can also be arranged efficiently and effectively.



Laboratories with separate analysis workstations, ancillary rooms and offices

Two joined sections with separate analysis rooms consisting of five modules. The ratio of laboratory to office space is 6 to 1. Analysis and documentation requirements have continued to increase, and this modular configuration takes this into account. The analysis workstations situated at the front are separated from the actual laboratories through a glass partitioning system. The result: both the workstations and laboratories afford ample space and are as transparent as they are bright.



Laboratories with integrated analysis workstations, dark zones, ancillary rooms and offices

Three joined sections with integrated analysis workstations consisting of five modules. The ratio of laboratory to office space is 3 to 1. This laboratory type is designed particularly for laboratories with a prevalence of machines and storage areas. There are additional separate rooms for this purpose that have no special requirements for daylight. Here, the analysis workstations are located inside the laboratories.



Laboratories with separate analysis workstations, dark zones, ancillary rooms and offices

Three joined sections with separate analysis workstations consisting of five modules. The ratio of laboratory to office space is 2 to 1, just as configuration example 3. This laboratory type is designed particularly for laboratories with many machines and storage areas in separate rooms with no requirement for daylight. However, here the analysis workstations are disconnected from the laboratories.

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