Centre Hospitalier d'Argenteuil Paris, France

Conventional building meets modern modular construction.

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The best combination? Always one that works.

So if you are like us and you build flexibly and with an eye to results, you cannot have a fear of contact. Even when, as at the Centre Hospitalier d´Argenteuil, conventional building and modular construction – some 330 room modules – come into contact with each other. During the implementation phase, this is precisely the combination that made up the major project. The basement and ground floor were erected in the conventional manner.

Then the first to third floors were built using modular technology. Spacious inner courtyards flooded with light helped to soften the architecture of the huge building complex.

It was an exciting project. No surprise there – after all, with a total gross floor space of 12,969 m² and its combination of two different building types, it was the largest modular construction project in Europe, and therefore not an order we would come across every day.