Technology park Münster, Germany

Space for biotechnology.

Gross floor space
(sq. m)
Construction time
Modular construction
Module count
Ward units
Operating theatres
Functional units
Diagnosis rooms

Start small, then make a big splash. Like a start-up. Create space for it quickly, flexibly and on the spot. Typical Cadolto. That’s how a new building for three start-ups in the biomedicine/biotechnology sector was built using modular construction techniques. The necessary freedom with the right equipment. Naturally, a space like that has to meet several criteria in the biomedicine/biotechnology sector. Expensive air conditioning and ventilation systems were therefore built in, as was the highest-grade laboratory equipment. Mission accepted and accomplished – in only nine months. After only four months, the modules were already fully operational.

One particularly interesting point: The modular concept allows users to remain flexible even after the building has been completed and occupied. The areas can be reallocated as desired or if requirements change. That gives users of individual levels the option of developing in a very individual manner. An inestimable advantage in a flexible sector. What is now the fourth start-up in the building demonstrates how well that functions. The business moved in and put completely different requirements on the design and achieved 100% success.