New facilities in Luxembourg and Dorsten Cadolto hands over turnkey new builds

New changing and wash room building for camping site in Hesperange

New changing and wash room building for camping site in Hesperange

Cadolto modular construction brings many ideas to life. In January 2018, we therefore began planning and manufacturing a new changing and wash room building for a customer in Luxembourg. The building was handed over ready for use in May 2018.

Planning for subsequent fabrication of the module began immediately after the contract was awarded. The 100% prefabricated building was transported to Luxembourg on a special transporter and erected within a single day. Thanks to the high level of prefabrication involved, the amount of on-site work at the camping site was reduced significantly. Noise, dust, emissions, delays – all yesterday's concerns. A Cadolto modular building: a building that's finished before it's assembled.



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New shipping department office for Johann Spielmann GmbH

We create environments for new ideas and projects. This allowed Johann Spielmann GmbH to open its new shipping department office in March 2018. Due to strict time constraints, the customer had chosen Cadolto modules. Since the modular construction system ensures a large percentage of the work is carried out in the factory.

Johann Spielmann GmbH is a leading family-owned spring water company. The business, which specialises in the production of top-quality mineral water products, therefore required a new shipping department office at its processing and bottling plant in Dorsten/Germany.

We were awarded the contract to plan, design and construct the new building in December 2017. Planning of the four modules commenced just one week after receiving the order. Once the modules had been fabricated at Cadolto's factory in Krölpa, the new shipping department office was handed over following completion of the turnkey project within just three months from the date of order.

The new building, boasting a gross floor area of 150 m², offers adequate space for six transportation and logistics specialists, a dispatch manager and a logistics supervisor. Furthermore, the new building contains a storeroom and technical services area. Floors can simply be added at a later date without any problems. This allows ideas to grow. And buildings to expand with them.

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