New modular building for Klinikum Braunschweig

Press release

Cadolto to construct new hospital facility

Cadolzburg, 07.02.2019 ---- Plans to integrate the Lung Centre of the St. Vinzenz hospital in Braunschweig into Klinikum Braunschweig have led to the commissioning of a new build to meet the increased spatial demands. On 24 December 2018, Cadolto was awarded the contract to design and construct a new modular building for one of northern Germany’s largest hospitals.

The project will be planned together with the Braunschweig-based architectural and engineering firm DECKER ARCHITEKTEN & INGENIEURE and constructed in Salzdahlumer Strasse at the largest of the three Klinikum Braunschweig sites. In the future, the three-storey modular construction, boasting a gross floor area of 6,836 m², will accommodate the pulmonary unit (pulmonary medicine) with a total of 89 beds. In addition, the new build will be used as an interim building during refurbishment of a new general care ward.

The modules for the building are to be manufactured at Cadolto’s workshops – parallel to the foundation work on site – and then transported by lorry to the construction site. Finally, the new build will be linked to the existing hospital building by a connecting walkway. Compared to conventional construction techniques, the high level of prefabrication of the modules saves a lot of valuable time. Thanks to the shorter period of construction on site, and therefore much less noise and emissions, ongoing operation of the hospital shall remain unaffected.

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Fotos: DECKER ARCHITEKTEN & INGENIEURE, Braunschweig; Cadolto