Cadolto constructs new dialysis centre in France

Press release

Delivery of modules at the private hospital Nord Parisien, Sarcelles

Cadolzburg, 21 November 2018 ---- The first modules from Cadolzburg arrived at the private hospital Nord Parisien for the new dialysis centre on Wednesday, 7 November 2018. After installing the up to 90% prefabricated modules on the foundations, additional assembly and finishing of the new modular building is now taking place. Completion is planned for January 2019.

Cadolto was awarded the contract to manufacture and erect a new dialysis building in June 2018. The performance specifications also include the foundations and the outdoor installations. Prefabrication of the first modules at the Cadolzburg plant, where they are protected from the elements and external factors, began in August 2018. In contrast to traditional construction techniques, the construction period can thus be reduced by up to 70%. The foundations were laid by 29 October 2018. A total of 29 modules were delivered nine days later and installed within three days. Each module measures approximately 15 m in length and 4 m in width and height and weighs up to 24 tons. The single-storey building has a gross floor area of 1,340 m².

The new facility in Sarcelles is due to open at the beginning of January 2019. The short construction phase meant that emissions from the site were reduced to a minimum. In recent years, Cadolto has successfully constructed a large number of buildings in France.



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