Cadolto constructs further building at Klinikum Kulmbach

Press release

Second ward unit in a modular design

Cadolzburg, 03.09.2018 ---- Cadolto is to construct another ward unit with 68 beds and a connecting structure to the existing building at the publicly owned hospital Klinikum Kulmbach. Thanks to the modular design and a level of prefabrication that is unique in industrial building manufacture, the ward unit, measuring roughly 1,550 m², will take just five months to erect. The new ward unit guarantees smooth ongoing operation of the hospital during an extensive construction and restructuring project there. Back in 2016, Cadolto constructed a ward unit for Klinikum Kulmbach as part of the reconstruction work on the existing building.

At the beginning of June 2017, Cadolto was awarded the contract to manufacture and erect a two storey new build consisting of 26 modules. The new ward unit shall be linked to the existing building through a connecting structure. The first modules will be produced at the Cadolzburg factory in the summer. Assembly is supposed to commence in the autumn once the modules have been delivered to the site on special transporters. The rental period is planned to start on 1 December 2018.

The two storey building boasts a gross floor area of 1,552 m² and will be rented by Klinikum Kulmbach for a minimum period of 60 months. Each floor of the modular building has two and three-bed rooms, toilets and bathrooms, a nurses’ station with a break room, a storeroom, a waiting area as well as a consulting and examination room. The staircase will accommodate a hospital bed lift. 

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