Cadolto constructs new left ventricular catherisation unit in the record time of six months

Press release

Handover of the keys for the new building at Klinik Kitzinger Land

Cadolzburg, 30.08.2018 ------ Cadolto handed over the new turnkey extension at Klinik Kitzinger Land on 20 July 2018. The contract was awarded to Cadolto in January 2018. Now – just six months later – the modular building has been handed over to the client. The modular left ventricular catherisation unit will be used to examine both outpatients and inpatients in the future.

Cadolto began planning the new building as soon as the contract had been awarded in January 2018. Subsequently, manufacture of the seven modules commenced in Cadolzburg. The modules were delivered to the construction site by special transporters at the end of May 2018, assembled in just one day and then completed during the following six weeks. The final step was the installation of the remaining medical technology for the left ventricular catheterisation unit.

Cadolto won the tender against a number of competitors. The advantages of Cadolto, such as the high level of prefabrication and the reduced period of construction, were the decisive factors for the client. Cadolto was able to guarantee this and to minimise any disruption to the ongoing operation of the hospital. Cadolto’s modular construction system enables an 80% reduction in construction site traffic and significantly less emissions.

The single storey building, measuring approx. 250 m², was connected to the hospital’s existing ward unit. The new extension, which was designed by the architecture firm Kosel in Würzburg, will be connected to the supply system of the existing hospital building. In addition to the diagnostics unit, a number of functional units will also be provided. 

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