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Second new build in a modular design

Cadolzburg, 05.09.2018 ------The specialist hospital Kloster Grafschaft in Schmallenberg is expanding its clinical services through the construction of a modular geriatric unit. At the beginning of July 2018, Cadolto was awarded the contract to construct the new build in a modular design. The new building will be handed over ready for use at the end of 2018. 

Cadolto won the tender against two competitors. The client chose Cadolto as the benefits of its modular construction system - maximum prefabrication, speed, high degree of flexibility and adaptability to individual requirements - can be used to optimum effect in Schmallenberg. 

The single storey, approx. 979 m² large building has 20 beds, which are divided into ten two-bed rooms. In addition, there will be two rooms for privately insured patients. Besides the ward units, a common room, a recreation room, two treatment rooms and examination rooms will be constructed.

The building designed by the Berlin-based architects at Maßwerk consists of 17 modules and will be docked onto the existing ward unit, which was also constructed by Cadolto. In mid-August 2018, the first modules will be manufactured at the factory in Thuringia and subsequently delivered to the construction site on special transporters.

The client can simply add floors and thus another unit to the new build at a later date without any problems. This solution has already been incorporated into the current planning policy.

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