Cadolto realize a new ward unit for the University Hospital Tübingen

Press release

Cadolto constructs extension to the existing building to form a new new ward unit

Cadolzburg, 03.05.2018 ---- In the first week of April, Cadolto was awarded the contract to construct a new ward unit by adding on floors to the existing building of the Crona Hospitals, which are part of the Hill ("Berg") Hospitals of the University Hospital Tübingen. The new orthopaedic surgery ward unit consists of 23 modules and has a gross floor area of 764 m².

The ward unit on Hoppe-Seyler-Strasse will be constructed from prefabricated room modules that are simply added on to the existing B04 floor of the Crona Hospitals. They will be prefabricated at the factory in Cadolzburg in July 2018; weatherproofed and ready to take on the elements. In contrast to traditional construction techniques, the construction period can thus be reduced by up to 70%. It is planned to transport the modules to the construction site at the end of August. Assembly and additional finishing of the room modules will then commence. The extension should be ready to use in November 2018 at the latest.

The u-shaped building designed by ulmerarchitekt in Rottenburg will be linked to the old building through a connecting structure provided by the client.  The entire domestic electrical supply is guaranteed through lines provided by the client to the connections of the new building. The substructures, the connecting walkway to the existing building, staircases and lifts will be constructed by the client using traditional construction techniques. The new building will house ten two-bed rooms for the orthopaedic surgery department as well as ancillary, duty and examination rooms.

This is already the second project for Cadolto at the University Hospital Tübingen. A new office building, which will also be constructed at the Hill ("Berg") Hospitals, is currently being fabricated and prepared for transport at the Cadolto factory in Thuringia, Germany.

Fotos/Abbildungen: ulmerarchitekt