New care ward for the university hospital in Jena-Lobeda

Press release

Cadolto extends existing building with a new ward unit

Cadolzburg, 13.02.2019 ------ At the end of December 2018, the modular construction specialist was awarded the contract to extend the existing building of the university hospital in Jena-Lobeda. The new care ward consists of 31 modules and has a gross floor area of 1,371 m².

The contract for the hospital’s new care ward is not the first contract for Cadolto in Jena. The extension project is a follow-up order for the construction company. In 2016, Cadolto constructed a building with two wards for internal medicine, consisting of 63 modules.

The new building, designed in cooperation with the architectural firm HDR GmbH in Erfurt, will provide space for 36 beds and be connected to the hospital’s existing building. The modules will be manufactured with a high level of prefabrication at Cadolto’s workshops, where they are protected from the elements and external factors. Cadolto is responsible for all the necessary trades, such as civil engineering, air conditioning technology, technical building equipment and structural analysis, which are provided from a single source. Thanks to the high level of prefabrication of the modular construction system, ongoing operation of the hospital will not be disrupted.

The project at Hospital 1 has a special feature: complete exposure of the old building’s steel roof framework is required for the extension. As a result, construction work can only take place in the summer. Due to the high level of prefabrication of the modules, the construction project can then be completed quickly.

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