Successful handover: Umeå gets two hospital buidlings

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Successful handover: Two hospital buildings for Umeå

Cadolto hands over turnkey state-of-the-art hospital buildings for the Norrland Universitetssjukhus Umeå, Sweden.

Cadolzburg, 14.06.2018 ------ Following installation of the first building phase in July 2017, Cadolto handed over two turnkey buildings for the Norrland University Hospital on 16.04.2018.
Two temporary buildings will ensure the continued operation of the university hospital during the eight-year refurbishment programme. Cadolto was awarded the contract to fabricate and install these buildings, with a gross floor area of 6,783 m² designed by Sweco Architects, Umeå, in January 2017.

The modular construction specialist completed the first milestone with the installation of the first building phase in July 2017. With the turnkey modular buildings handed over, both buildings can now be brought into service.
The project had to be completed within a short time frame in order to respond to the high patient numbers in the rapidly expanding city of Umeå. Cadolto provided the right solution: the new four-storey complex houses a post-operative unit, an ophthalmology clinic, an EMC unit to measure brain wave activity and a neurotherapy unit. It also has 70 ward units. The buildings are connected in the atrium of the intermediate building and with the existing buildings by “skywalks”.

The buildings were up to 90 per cent prefabricated, including the medical systems and building services, in Cadolzburg near Nuremberg. On leaving the factory, the 141 modules were loaded on to lorries and transported to the port of Rostock, from where they were taken by ship to northern Sweden.



 “We are pleased and proud to have successfully handed over this complex hospital building to our client within such a short time frame.”

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Franz-Bernhard Schilberg, Project Manager, Cadolto

“Through the completion of the building, we have now managed the first milestone in our planned extensive rebuilding and renovations of Norrlands Universitetssjukhus.”

Malin Viklands, Project Manager, Västerbottens läns landsting (client)
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