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The future of construction.

The future of construction is modular, and without any disadvantages compared to
conventional construction.

“Time is money” is the popular saying. The faster a building can be made available for use today, the more economical it is for the client. This is particularly noticeable in hotels, but it also has an impact on office buildings, data centres and the many other Cadolto products. This also applies in particular to hospitals and clinics, where bed occupancy is a key factor. 

Why Cadolto?

Cadolto is the leading specialist in the construction of complex, technically
sophisticated buildings using a modular design.

In other words, our specialty is the impossible. We build clinics where they couldn’t be built conventionally. We carry out large-scale construction projects in times that one would otherwise need for planning alone. We think modularly and work efficiently.

Getting there faster

The biggest advantage of the modular design is its speed. On average, about 70% of the construction time can be saved.

The highest degree of prefabrication

In industrial building manufacture, Cadolto can show the highest degree of
prefabrication – up to 90%. The more demanding a building and its building
technology, the more interesting it is to install all of these components in advance.

Tremendous sustainability

While 70% of the buildings erected by Cadolto are still at their first location, 30% of the buildings are being used again elsewhere. The modules have a very long life-cycle and all building materials can be reused.

Quality and safety

In terms of quality and safety, modular construction is in no way inferior to
conventional. On the contrary: thanks to the high-quality standards, the proverbial “botched construction” is avoided.

Smart construction sites

Noise, dust, bad weather, delays, craftsman chaos, inefficiency – building owners associate all of these with their previous construction sites. With the Cadolto modular design these can be largely avoided. Looking simply at the fundamentals of construction: Cadolto erects its building within a few days. The modules, which are up
to 22 meters long, 6 meters wide and 4 meters high, arrive by truck. Up to ten modules can be assembled per day.

Architectural freedom

DCadolto has often refuted the prejudice that modular construction can only be used to create monotonous architecture, because it is manufactured exactly according to individual customer requirements. Deviations from standard dimensions, which are also offered for reasons of cost or efficiency, are always possible and, as an example of this, Cadolto has even built round houses.

Aufgrund der vielfältigen positiven Rückmeldungen von Patienten und Nutzern kann die Klinik Oberammergau mit dem Gebäude Alpspitze als positives Beispiel für ein Krankenhaus genannt werden, welches in Modulbauweise errichtet wurde. Insbesondere ist die kurze Bauzeit und die Einhaltung von Kosten und Terminen zu nennen.

Reimund Vogel
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