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Fürth Hospital, Germany

Those who build using modules build faster and more efficiently.

This is what Cadolto demonstrated when it built Fürth Hospital’s new women’s clinic. It took a mere 180 days to construct from the basement to the top floor and from the moment the ground was broken to the moment the key was handed over. That’s modular efficiency – times 133. That is actually how many modules were constructed for the new building, providing a total of 7,250 m² of usable floor space when the fully finished building was handed over – including a conventionally built basement.

Between the paediatric clinic and the administrative building, on four storeys, there is now the gynaecology department, the delivery clinic, the psychiatric day care unit for children and young people as well as the pain therapy day care unit. The individual room-by-room design is orientated strictly toward the workflows in a women’s clinic: the focus is deliberately on its female patients.

Project Details

Client name:
Fürth Hospital, Germany
Surface Area:
7.250 sp. m
11,7 Mio Euro
Dürschinger Architects, Fürth

Construction time

Gross floor space sq. m

Module count


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“If we had built the new clinic by conventional means it would have taken a good 18 to 24 months. But we couldn’t spare that much time, especially as we needed the area used until now for the women’s clinic as a backup site for more construction work.

Our architectural ideas and our design for the medical facilities and interior fittings have been followed exactly as planned. In terms of physical structure, this building is no different from any other, and that also applies to its useful service life.”

Clinic Director Peter Krappmann


degree of prefabrication 90%
Time savings / conventional 60%
Cost reduction 20%

The same goes for the clinic area, where the first impression is the one that counts. Accordingly, high-quality architecture took priority during construction. The design elements were also repeated and developed further in the two directly adjacent buildings, the paediatric clinic and the training centre. As a result, two things about the new examining, treatment and patient rooms are especially impressive: the technology and the aesthetics. It all adds up to a good experience for the patients and for the clinic.

Without complications. That’s a nice thing to hear in a hospital. As the construction work was limited to assembling the prefabricated modules after the basement floor was finished, the day-to-day operations of the hospital were not affected. As always, Cadolto delivered the modules fully equipped, including all building technology and fittings with flooring, tiles, wall coverings and furniture.