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The Cadolto Modular Technology

Whosoever wants to shape the future of construction has to enjoy challenges: For example, halving the construction time while maintaining the highest quality. Or a turnkey handover on a fixed date. Or fixed costs with subsequent flexibility in the modular building. From planning through production to assembly and commissioning; this is what Cadolto stands for – as a leading company in modular construction. We manufacture our room modules and room cells industrially in a factory, regardless of the weather and under constant quality control. With a degree of prefabrication of up to 90%. We build modular buildings for a wide variety of areas: medical buildings, laboratory buildings, data centres, educational buildings, hotels, and dormitories as well as office and administration buildings. We create modular living spaces without delays. The modular room cells are assembled at the construction site. With the experience of 750 projects implemented worldwide, around 300 specialists from all trades, in two German plants and 130 years of tradition. Does that work for you? Then let’s build. With modular design.

Christopher Gräfe
Head of Sales East

Getting there faster

The biggest advantage of the modular design is its speed. On average, about 70% of the construction time can be saved.

Quality and

In terms of quality and safety, modular construction is in no way inferior to conventional. On the contrary: thanks to the high-quality standards, the proverbial “botched construction” is avoided.

Highest degree of prefabrication

In industrial building manufacture, Cadolto can show the highest degree of prefabrication – up to 90%. The more demanding a building and its building technology, the more interesting it is to install all of these components in advance.

Tremendous sustainability

While 70% of the buildings erected by Cadolto are still at their first location, 30% of the buildings are being used again elsewhere. The modules have a very long life-cycle and all building materials can be reused.

Our planning specialists convert your floor plans and your individual architectural design into a modular work plan – including the technical equipment. At Cadolto, multiple specialities and disciplines work hand in hand. Building physics, RLT, technical building equipment (TGA), statics and among others plan and completely prepare your modular construction including all components in our factory. All of this parallel to the civil engineering and foundation work. Our high degree of prefabrication of up to 90% differentiates us from almost all competitors. Despite this the clients and projects remain flexible: extension, conversion, demolition, relocation of entire buildings – everything that is possible. More efficient, more flexible, faster and without noise.

Process flow Modular Technology


After extensive planning of your modular construction, production begins with the steel-based construction of the basic modules.

Thanks to the most modern alloying and manufacturing processes, the traditional material of steel is now more modern than ever in the construction industry. On the one hand, modern steel is more stable than ever before and, on the other hand, thanks to its ever-decreasing weight, it is perfect for modular construction.


Cadolto’s modular construction aims to offer you a permanent solution. Over 70% of the buildings constructed by Cadolto have been standing for more than 30 years.

Corrosion protection measures are essential to achieve this goal. These measures serve to avoid damage to metallic components as a result of corrosion. In several steps, our experts prepare the materials in order to guarantee the longevity of the property.

Vorfertigung von Modulen

As a modern company, Cadolto always sets new goals. One thing that we have already achieved for our customers is halving the construction time.

Of course, a degree of prefabrication of 90% plays a decisive role here, but Cadolto also carries out the assembly in record time. Our experienced team of transport experts and fitters usually assemble your modular building within a few days.

Questions on Modular Construction

Do you have further questions regarding modular construction?

The Modular Construction from Cadolto differs from conventional construction in that we are faster, more flexible, and more economical.

There are almost no technical limits to the modular construction of Cadolto. Cadolto covers a wide range of requirements, ranging from medical buildings and data centres to telecommunications and administration buildings.

The high-quality modular construction from Cadolto is a permanent solution. More than 70% of the buildings that we have constructed have been standing for over 30 years.

The high-quality modular construction from Cadolto is a permanent solution. More than 70% of the buildings that we have constructed have been standing for over 30 years.