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Building data centers with Cadolto

Digitization, computing power, IT planning – there is hardly any other sector where developments are so rapid and unpredictable. When it comes to capacity planning for your data center, flexibility is paramount. Instead of brick on brick, modular construction is therefore the key to maximum expandability and adaptation potential. With increased efficiency and minimized interfaces. With finished solutions in record time. For a data center that works so energy-efficiently that it practically pays for itself.

With standardized modules, your new data center for 6, 12, 18, 24 or 48 racks is ready- to-use within just four months of ordering. For sale. Or to rent.

Our standardized data centers set standards:

  • Total-PUE under 1.2 and so very efficient
  • Buildings and supply infrastructure can be expanded during operation
  • Rack-Depth 1.20 m
  • Aisle width 1.20 m for even more development opportunities in the work area
  • Up to a 100% degree of prefabrication in the factory

Faster achievement of goals

The biggest advantage of the modular design is its speed. On average, about 70% of the construction time can be saved.

Quality and safety

In terms of quality and safety, modular construction is in no way inferior to the conventional. On the contrary: thanks to the high-quality standards, the proverbial “botched construction” is avoided.

Highest degree of prefabrication

In industrial building manufacture, Cadolto can show the highest degree of prefabrication – up to 90%. The more demanding a building and its building technology, the more interesting it is to install all of these components in advance.

Enormous sustainability

While 70% of the buildings erected by Cadolto are still at their first location, 30% of the buildings are being used again elsewhere. The modules have a very long life-cycle and all building materials can be reused.


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Modular construction

The following aspects are decisive for building with Cadolto: The reduction in construction costs, as well as speed and flexibility. Your buildings are built and ready for occupancy in a very short time, but they can also be changed again quickly. Additions and modifications are just as easy to accomplish as a complete dismantling. Whether for eternity or a little shorter: Cadolto modular construction makes you more flexible. When it comes to the question “Buy or rent?”, We offer you a fixed price for our buildings without hidden construction costs, with all installations, complete building technology, thermal insulation and, if desired, with all furniture.

Modular construction - data center

Yes – the modular construction from Cadolto faces no obstacles, even in the construction of Large-scale projects.

Thanks to a degree of prefabrication of up to 100%, Cadolto is able to cut the construction time in half.

When planning with Cadolto, there is only one thing to keep in mind: it will be finished a lot faster than you think. In terms of architecture, there are no limits to the modular design; for example, Cadolto has already built round houses.

No – Cadolto’s modular construction is a permanent solution. Over 70% of the buildings constructed by Cadolto have been standing for more than 30 years.


You heard right. Noise, dust, emissions, bad weather, delays, craftsman chaos, inefficiency – are all things from yesterday. Strange that construction is done in this way even today. The future doesn’t exist yet. Our dreams and visions do. And the space for it. We have built our own way with joy and passion. Since 1890. With 300 employees and above all: with modules. And if everything changes tomorrow, we will dismantle it and move it somewhere else – exactly the flexibility that your company needs today for tomorrow. Because “tomorrow” is what you and we will make of it together: a modular building that will be finished before it is built. Future-oriented. Individual. Exclusive.



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