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Build Office-Buildings with Cadolto

Whether it be representative meeting rooms, small-scale units with the perfect equipment or modern open-plan offices with optimal soundproofing – the future is sustainable, and modular. A pleasant and at the same time functional working environment as well as innovative room concepts are decisive for the motivation and productivity of your employees and thus for the success of your company. Our experts work with you to develop a tailor-made office building for your company – individual, efficient, and economical. We not only offer you the design for space solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs, but also accompany your construction project from the idea to the fixed move-in date. Cadolto Modular Building builds future-oriented and flexible turnkey building units made to measure, within a defined budget and up to 70% faster than with conventional construction. Shape the future of your company with Cadolto.

And if you expand, restructure, or change location tomorrow, your Cadolto office building will change with your company and will even move with you.

Faster achievement of goals

The biggest advantage of the modular design is its speed. On average, about 70% of the construction time can be saved

Quality and safety

In terms of quality and safety, modular construction is in no way inferior to the conventional. On the contrary: thanks to the high-quality standards, the proverbial “botched construction” is avoided.

Highest degree of prefabrication

In industrial building manufacture, Cadolto can show the highest degree of prefabrication – up to 90%. The more demanding a building and its building technology, the more interesting it is to install all of these components in advance.

Enormous sustainability

While 70% of the buildings erected by Cadolto are still at their first location, 30% of the buildings are being used again elsewhere. The modules have a very long life-cycle and all building materials can be reused.

Sebastian Pauli
Inside Sales


Modular construction - the smart alternative for the construction of office buildings

Fast, flexible, and calculable: Your office buildings can be completed and ready for occupancy in the shortest possible time with reduced construction costs, which, at the same time, can be adapted to new needs and challenges at any time. Additions and conversions are just as possible as a complete dismantling or moving the entire building to a new location. Whether for eternity or a little shorter: We offer you your new office building at a fixed price with no hidden construction costs, with all installations, complete building technology, thermal insulation and, if desired, with all furniture.

Modular construction - office building

Yes- the modular construction from Cadolto faces no obstacles, even in the construction of Large-scale projects.

Thanks to a degree of prefabrication of up to 90%, Cadolto is able to cut the construction time in half.

When planning with Cadolto, there is only one thing to keep in mind: it will be finished a lot faster than you think. In terms of architecture, there are no limits to the modular design; for example, Cadolto has already built round houses.

The high-quality modular construction from Cadolto is a permanent solution. More than 70% of the buildings that we have constructed have been standing for over 30 years.


Noise, dust, emissions, bad weather, delays and chaos of craftsmen are not an issue with a modular construction. We enjoy building in our own way. Since 1890, with 300 employees and above all: with modules. If the demands on your office building change, we dismantle it again and erect it in a new location, supplement parts of the building or adapt the structure to the new conditions. We offer you the flexibility that your company needs today for tomorrow. Because “tomorrow” is what you and we make of it together.



How many square meters should a reception area have? Where are the offices, where are the meeting rooms? And what other areas are required? Not quite the everyday questions that concern you as the client and those to which our experts have the answers.